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The market

The coaching industry is firmly established and growing fast. At the end of 2006, the International Coach Federation (ICF) conducted a global survey with respondents from 73 countries that estimated the following:

Globally: 41,548 (GBP)
Europe:. 46,960 (GBP)
United Kingdom: 56,277 (GBP)

The survey, by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, also estimated that the revenue generated by coaching globally is 754 million (GBP). For further details of the survey and its results, check ICF’s website: www.coachfederation.org/ICF

The facts / what is now

Noble Manhattan Coaching was founded in 1993 and has its international administration centre based in the subtropical paradise known as Weymouth on the south coast of the UK, where a dedicated team is at your service. However, we have many offices around the world and are currently trading in 28 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. To facilitate the continuing training, backup and support of our students and coaches worldwide we maintain a comprehensive and extensive faculty. Below are the principal members and license distributors:

Direct representation
in 130 countries
20000 +
Licensed faculty members
Support Group Leaders
Partners /
Noble Manhattan Coaching, Ltd

is supported and endorsed by the following:

The benefits

When you make the commitment to purchase a Country or Regional Licence, you will step into a privileged position in the Noble Manhattan Global ‘family’.

The global success of our Brand enables you to build a highly profitable business. Using our existing success platform, you can concentrate on the set-up, sales, marketing and securing of business. This model is already a proven success and will suit those looking for a substantial FULL TIME BUSINESS. Our selection process is rapid, and we can offer flexible payment terms on the Licence fee as we are keen to enter new markets. This key position includes an intensive training package, designed to kick start your success.

This leading position is built on a turn-key business package which includes: 

Your investment

When you become the owner of a territory you have access to a proven successful business model. We’ll get access to all processes and procedure we developed over the years in order to build a thriving business.

Your investment will cover two types of costs:

The license fee required for each territory is determined by a special formula for each country:

Population + GDP / capita

Once we start a conversation we can share more specific business related informations like financial projections and various relevant materials.

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Your investment

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